Tuition, Education & Textbook Amounts

Tuition, Education & Textbook Amounts  Students often fail to claim tuition credits when filing their tax returns for those years in which they are attending a post-secondary institution. These are important credits that not only yield immediate returns, but may also derive benefits in future years. A salient aspect of tuition credits ...

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The Healthy Home Renovation Tax Credit

The Healthy Home Renovation Tax Credit

Since the Home Renovation Tax Credit came and went in the 2009 taxation year, my clients consistently inquire about writing-off their renovations. The Ontario government has in fact brought back a semblance of the Home Renovation Tax Credit, with some ...


How important are RRSPs?

Well it's hard to answer that question without knowing the individuals future goals. But I can tell you one thing if you don't work for a company that offers you any sort of future pension you need to consider that ...

HST Rebate

What does the HST Rebate mean for home or condo purchases from a builder and why is the government asking for money back from investors?

What is the HST Rebate and what are the differences when applied to the purchase of a principal residence or investment property? The HST Rebate has been around now since mid-2010 when the CRA introduced the HST system in Ontario. The ...

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